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              for the artist
arts-world offers you the largest audience in the world - the Internet. It turns every day into a vernissage! With arts-world, you will be found easily in the ocean of the internet. Contacts you had never even dreamed of will become real. arts-world grows and changes daily with the number of entries. Contact us today and get your entry into the index!
              for the art collector
arts-world is your window to the active masters of the 21st Century. Here you will find an easy-to-use index with a continously growing number of contemporary artists. Original art direct from the artist await you. Enjoy the creativity of contemporary artists.
              for the art dealer
arts-world presents you a continously growing number of emerging New Masters. Here, you will find the artist for your next exhibition and new bestsellers for your gallery. You may also insert advertisements for your gallery on our pages.
              for the publisher
arts-world offers you a constantly growing treasure chest from the world of active artists. You can find the artist for the next report on our site. Moreover, arts-world offers you interesting advertising possibilities for your magazine on our pages. arts-world could also advertise in your magazine -- please send us a copy with your ad rates.
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